Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Next Miss South Jersey Teen Winner

Gorgeous with a heart of gold! That's just one way to describe this very special teen whom I happened to have the distinct pleasure of photographing a few weeks ago. She's a natural beauty, a normal teenager and simply adores her parents and friends.

She placed third in the Miss South Jersey Teen pageant (I think she should have won, I mean just look at this face) and runner up to most photogenic, YES, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!

She also recently found out that she loves the world of keep your eyes and ears open because she just may be the Next Miss NJ or Miss America!

Presenting Miss M.

Welcome to my new Photography Blog!

Welcome to Simply Candid's Photography blog. I know it's way overdue (by a year or so), but thankfully my little business has been quite busy leaving me little time to write. However I've had so many recent inspirational shoots that I thought I would finally set aside a few hours to pursue my blog and share some of my work with my clients and friends:))

First let me say my daughter has truly been the main reason I pursued photography. She has not been very fond of the camera lately, but every now and then she'll "work it" for the camera and allow me to capture some very darling shots. Perhaps the challenge of capturing her darling expressions and the hours of trying to entertain her for "that amazing photo" has made me a more proficient child photographer. I guess we shall see about that!

Second, I am very grateful to all those that have continued to support and encourage my passion of photography over this past year. A big hug to my husband Dani, who continues to endure my endless weekend hours laboring in photoshop with post processing.

And then there are the countless photographers that continue to inspire me to exceed my own expectations.

Well, on to some sneek peeks of my recent photo sessions.