Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beauty in back light

Well I am switching gears, FINALLY,  and stepping out of a learned habit...that is, to not shoot directly into the light, but instead use shade or face your subject away from the light.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?   the most beautiful photographs are always back lit, especially in ambient light settings.  

So last week, as the warm sun started to set, I dragged my equipment out to a nearby field and again using candy to bribe my favorite subject, I was honestly astonished at the results when I down loaded the photos.  Processing these photos was a breeze, only because I got the exposure correct for a change:))  But the fun part was using blending modes to soften, deepen surrounding colors.  I used a bit of sharpening to polish off the images but otherwise was quite happy with the results.  Now I can't wait to do more.  Warm afternoon light is so beautiful, especially this time of year when Spring is just around the corner.

More photographs to come.  I decided since I learned so much from many online free tutorials, I wanted to give back and share what works for me.  So in my next post, bring your pencil and pad and take some notes on the most simplest way to process a photo in five minutes or less (and yes that's a record for me).  

Happy Spring!