Saturday, January 14, 2012

Welcome Home Shelby

Yes I have been absent for a while, but for good reason!  We traveled to adopt our second daughter from China this past October and although she and big sister have been keeping me busy, they sure have given me the opportunity to get some fabulous photographs.  Okay, I know I'm biased, however considering the fact Miss Kira does not like her photograph being taken and little babe does, it's almost like "monkey see, monkey do"; they each follow one another and I'm so enjoying this ride.

 Taken in Lanzhou, PRC  Wu Ke Xiu became our forever daughter!  

Captured in NJ "Forever Sisters"

I am so in love with these girls!  Each of them now tug at my heart, with unique personalities and giggles that warm you up on the coldest days.  

Now after being home with Shelby for 3 months we are getting ready for her big surgery in Baltimore the end of this month.  It's great to see that she loves American food and has gained weight, so here's hoping she heals just as quick.  

Thanks for peeking in.  For information regarding Bladder Exstrophy (pre-op care, etc) please do not hesitate to inquire.