Monday, July 16, 2012

The Darling Duo

I find it so sweet to watch these two together now.  Only a few short months ago, Shelby was a shy, skeptic little tot, who only spoke Mandarin and loved to dance.  Now she mimics everything her big sister does and is grasping the english language quickly.   Shelby continues to look up to Kira and follow her around (which so far isn't a big deal to Kira now).  Kira seems to adore her to no end.  She dresses Shelby up and introduces her "little sister" to everyone!  It really is endearing to listen or watch them engaging in conversation and play; it just confirms that we made the best decision to adopt again.

Peek a boo!

Hey sis, we gotta run for cover! The mosquitos seem to like us.  And so we headed to the car and home for calomine and benadryl.  Gonna have to add bug spray to my camera bag from now on. 

The faces that melt my heart!  Yes my girl "inked" herself with tattoos, but at least it's a Princess!

Thanks for stopping by.  I will be launching a new blog and website within the next few weeks as I want to focus my work on children and high school Seniors!  I've always enjoyed working with children, tweens and teens when I worked as a nurse, and now even more so that I have found my passion in photography.  

First order of business will be recruiting Senior Representatives from the local NJ High Schools. And if there are any seniors out there who want to participate just email me for information at The perks are amazing, the photos even better!  Stay tuned for updates.


  1. Such darling girls Ivy. Beautiful images. I love them!

  2. Darling indeed!!! They are so cute and seeing them together totally warms my heart!!
    Fabulous series of sisterly love:)

    I should have warned you about the mosquitos.....



    1. Thanks for the comments! I'm just so happy I got them together! We had a bunch of balloons that went soaring out the door of the car when we got there lol. Too funny.