Friday, July 6, 2012

The Hazy Lazy Days...that make for fab photos!

Okay, I admit it, I am now officially addicted to the hazy late day summer light.  I think it's because it challenges me to capture great images quickly while the sun is setting.  I figure I get about 30 minutes of yummy warm light between 7 and 8pm.  There are so many open fields here in NJ, I find that big doesn't always mean better.  As one photographer put it, "think small",  so when scouting for cool locations, large football sized areas are ridiculous if you're only shooting a toddler.  In these photos, you'd never know that I took them on a neighbors hill facing the sunset.  Behind the first portrait there is a perfect view of the pristine golf course but I didn't want the bright green grass and golfers as my backdrop, which is the problem when we run out the door for last minute shoots (when I get a crazy urge or idea) and there are golfers on the green.  

Depending on the heat and bug index, I have captured some splendid photos of my big girl (who by the way has been a very willing model these days providing I include her unique facial expressions).  

In the second photo I changed the position of her stool, which provided ample light without use of a reflector.  

In both my images I did very little processing.  I sharpened, lightened (where needed), then added two of my favorite tonal actions from Florabella's Classic Workflow, soft warmth and rosy cream (set at very low opacities).  Then pulled the midtones down with the curve adjustment tool, blended on soft light and sharpened again!  

Now off to plan a rather interesting themed shoot with a group of teen girls (who happen to be BFF's).  

Thanks for peeking in.


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